Designed to Protect


We have solved the problem! We have accomplished this after years of research, creating a fabric made in flame resistant material changing the entire sector of fireproof and safety clothing. We have done this, when we designed and manufactured clothing that lasts three times longer than products available on the market today. As we did when we created our knitwear, deciding to combine two different types of textiles while improving their distinctive qualities in the optimal way. Solving problems is what we do best, because it has always been our job.

Firetek is the ideal material for all types of professional activities which involve the risk of fire such as the military and law enforcement forces, fire brigades, civil defense corps, oil & gas, steel and extractive industry workers. Available in three levels of thermal protection, it allows the production of knitwear ranging from underwear to outfit clothing.

Drytek is a fabric made in synthetic microfiber with high breathability. Furthermore, its resistance to abrasion and tearing with the no-pill properties makes it an incredibly lasting material. The products made in Drytek are extremely comfortable since they dissipate sweat and moisture from the body outwards, thus creating the ideal conditions leaving skin dry and warm during the cold seasons and dry and cool in the warm ones.

Naturaltek enhances the combination of both natural and performance fibers. The material is a multilayered structure made up of two parts: the natural fiber outer layer gives the material a classic and elegant feature; the microfiber inner layer offers not only extreme comfort but also performs with a machine-wash resistance three times higher compared to only employing single natural fibers.

Naturaltek FR adds a permanently fireproof resistance to all Naturaltek features.

Silvertek is a new and innovative fabric made by a blend fiber containing pure silver. Extremely light and elastic, Silvertek regulates body temperature, ideal for extreme conditions of use. Keeps moisture away from body and has total antibacterial protection. Products using Silvertek are Absolute No-Seams, granting maximum possible comfort, resistance and long use.

Silvertek FR combines the extraordinary performances of Absolute No Seams technology with Firetek fabric, giving permanent protection against flame, according to most accredited european standards.