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BEACON360 Torch Battery Operated Handlamp

BEACON360 Torch Battery Operated Handlamp


    The Beacon360 Torch is built for reliability on any jobsite, large or small. It’s IP65 weatherproof rated and is constructed with a heavy-duty rubber handle and aluminum heat sinks. It has surpassed military-grade drop test requirements proving its reliability on the jobsite.

    The Beacon360 Torch generates light via a 15W LED integrated chip, which is solid state construction and can therefore endure shocks, vibrations and rough handling without breaking the LEDs. Also, the Beacon360 Torch is cool running and safe to touch even when left operating for hours on end.

    It can operate and hold a full charge for an entire workday on all 4 settings & the rechargeable battery offers two charging options, an AC wall charger and a DC car charger.

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