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DynaSEALR E Series

DynaSEALR E Series


    The DynaSEALR E series is designed to quickly and safely contain luggage or packages identified as suspect at security screening checkpoints. They minimize disruption of operations and evacuations
    of airports, railway stations, mass transit systems and high value buildings.


    • Highly mobile, compact and lightweight
    • Compatible with most portable X-ray systems
    • Tethered two button remote control for easy door operation
    • Manual steering or tow by vehicle
    • Manual braking system
    • Manual back-up system: one person is capable of closing and sealing the door without any power, hydraulics or pneumatics
    • CBRNE pneumatic sealing system
    • Based on Dynasafe’s proven Bomb Squad line of total  containment vessels

    The DynaSEALR E is ideal for protecting:

    • Sports Arenas
    • Mail facilities
    • Airports
    • Rail way stations
    • Bus stations

    DynaSEALR E difference

    • Designed with features recommended by the front-line security screeners and explosive Ordinance Explosives (EOD) technicians deployed in the field.
    • The 270° rotating door of the E series makes it easier and faster to load a suspect package into the vessel.
    • Multiple repeated gas-tight detonation provides greater value than traditional explosive containment solutions designed for airports and transportation hubs.


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