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Ecstasy/Bath Salts Detection

Ecstasy/Bath Salts Detection



    • The test is based on a novel and unique color test of methylenedoixyphenyl group (IDenta Patent) present only in MDMA and analogue drugs.
    • Identifies MDA, MDEA and MBDB as well.
    • Designer drugs, known as “Bath Salts”, will react with an intense a and immediate yellow color, such as MDPV, Methylone and Butylone.
    • The kit contains a novel sampler for sampling rigid tablets.
    • The reagent contains strong acid and IDenta has the only safe kit for the user. Health and safety are the most important issues to be considered in choosing testing kits.
    • Once the test is finished, the casing has a self-contained neutralization reagent.

    A revolutionary advancement in the field of drugs screening and identification. 100% safe and easy to use. Immediate results, 99% Accurate: Even if/when the narcotic is mixed with other substances.

    Smart Tip Probe: Adhesive tip picks up micro-particles and protected from any possible contamination. Safe-Squeeze: Reaction chemicals are contained safely in a hard plastic shell. The only kit in the world with no storage limit and expiration date for 3 years.

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