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FF60/90 – fire blanket

FF60/90 – fire blanket


    The FF60/90 fire blanket was developed to deal with a large number of fire situations, such as : FF60/90: cars up to a SUV size and large object on fire. The fire blankets smother fires by cutting off their oxygen supply, which ensures total and immediate extinction of all types of fire. They can also be used to protect one or more people needing to pass through a risk area.
    The fire blankets’ FF serie are made from non-flammable materials. Easy to use, they are extremely supple, and also highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. The blankets resist temperatures up to 1000°C, are re-usable and easy to clean. Equipped with large, solid straps, they can be put into immediate use. The FF60/90 blanket is delivered in their own black transport bags ensuring easy storage and transportation. We can develop blankets to specific dimensions upon request.

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