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IFD Integral Firing Device

IFD Integral Firing Device


    The Integral Firing Device (IFD), an all-in-one disposable system, meets the needs of non-electric firing systems designed for close quarter breaching systems.

    Used for interior and exterior structural target entry missions, IFDs provide the user with a safe, quick means of firing and initiating that allows minimum time on target. Compact dimensions ensure ease of use and transport and set up is simple, eliminating the need to field-improvise a firing circuit.

    Until it is ready for deployment, the assembly configuration of Dual Integral Firing Devices (DIFDs) protect the initiation system from the environment and abusive, hazardous situations. The unique design of the 25-foot (8 m) clear dual Mini-tube with No. 12 strength military detonators (0.241”, 6.12 mm diameter), makes the DIFD an easy-to-carry and store, compact device. The housing is designed to allow safe hand initiation of the primer.

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