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LIBERVIT- Lifting bags

LIBERVIT- Lifting bags


    A simple and efficient solution for lifting, pushing, and stabilizing. We have selected a series of lifting bags designed to lift heavy objects. The lifting bags use is versatile, from lifting up a car to free a crushed victim, to push out bars in front of some windows to ease access. Lifting bags can be remotely controlled, they are inflated via an air compressor (max 8 bar) or with the help of a compressed air bottle equipped with a 200/8 bar regulator.
    The range of lifting bags is extensive, from a small dimension bag with a 1T pushing force to the largest model with a 76T pushing force. All our lifting bags have a KEVLAR frame covered in ridged rubber for anti-slip and are highly resistant to physical wear and tear, fire and oil. The lifting bags are delivered with 5 or 10 meters / 16 or 32 ft long hoses as well as a 2 exits cranked command control that can activate one or two bags alternately or simultaneously. Depending on the lifting bag size, it can be delivered in a PELICASE transport case.

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