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    The RoadRunner is a handheld instrument capable of detecting explosive materials, narcotics and homemade explosives. It is a dual-mode detector capable to accept vapour samples and swab samples as well, which increases flexibility. With a weight of 3,5 kg, it is literally a "go anywhere" device.


    The device offers two sampling modes. Direct sampling or so called sniff-mode for vapours and indirect surface sampling of particles and droplets with swipes and subsequent desorption.


    The RoadRunner detector operates on the principle of Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) with a non-radioactive ionization source and internal calibration procedures.


    The RoadRunner has been designed for detection of explosives and narcotics on surfaces and in air. The user is guided interactive step-by-step through the sampling process supported by information on a touch screen display. All final results are displayed by a traffic light. When a substance has been identified its name is displayed.


    The RoadRunner is dedicated for safety and security applications. Customs, police and airport security benefit from the flexibility of a mobile and light weight device when setting up temporary check-points and doing spot control onsite.

    Consumables and Maintenance

    When it is necessary to replace consumables, this can be done without calling for the Manufacturer’s Service Engineer. Recalibration is not required through the life of the instrument. All these features add together to reduce cost of ownership.

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