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ACE™ Advanced Cutting Explosive

ACE™ Advanced Cutting Explosive


    ACE™ is an easy-to-use explosive cutting system with a flexible shaped charge liner and optimized standoff. The improved ACETM is the highest level of Advanced Cutting Explosive offered by Ensign- Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company.

    The relative shock insensitivity of the explosive minimizes accidental or inadvertent detonation. The design meets MIL-PRF-46676 and OES-DTL-0006 standards for use by United States Military and International Forces.


    • Optimized explosive geometry
    • Advanced liner geometry and composition
    • Optimized built-in foam stand-off
    • Improved adhesive system
    • Superior penetration and severance performance
    • Increased multi-axis flexibility
    • Low fragmentation hazard
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