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    • The LTL Multi-Shot Less-Lethal Tactical Launcher is the highest quality, safest, and most high-performing 40mm Multi-Shot Less-Lethal Tactical Launcher on the market domestically and internationally.
    • The new LTL can fire all 40mm less lethal grenades in Riot Control, Crowd Control or Breaching Operations. The LTL has been designed to withstand the pressures of 40X46mm Low Velocity training rounds as a safety factor. It is purposely built for Less Lethal munitions only! It is, however, not designed to fire 40mm Low Velocity (LV) Lethal or Medium Velocity (MV) lethal grenades.
    • The LTL Multi-Shot Less-Lethal Tactical Launcher is clearly marked as a Less Lethal Weapon.
    • The 40mm LTL can be loaded mission-specific with a variety of 40mm less lethal munitions, thus allowing the operator to select the desired round and fire without changing the weapons load. All six 40mm grenades can be fired in less than 3 seconds, effectively covering a very large area without reloading the weapon.
    • The range of the system is determined by the effective range of the ammunitions used.
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