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Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR)

Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR)


    The MTGR® (Micro Tactical Ground Robot) platform is a unique and lightweight tactical robot with high maneuverability in any terrain-indoors and outdoors. The MTGR® was specially designed to aid military, law enforcement and public safety units in various combat situations around the world. Whether for an EOD, Urban Warfare, Special Operations, or public safety mission – MTGR dominates the unknown


    • Man carried tactical platform with 4 DOF Manipulator and a highly intuitive interface
    • 360° video coverage day & night vision for uninterrupted mission control
    • Essential tool for enhancing the capabilities of any military, law enforcement or public safety unit
    • Advanced all-terrain maneuverability including stair climbing and self-righting capabilities.
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