Explosives Detection Kit

IDENTA Explosive Detection


In explosives detection kit, each test consists of a sampler, up to three crushable, hermetically-sealed glass ampoules, and a reaction chamber. The sampler gathers the exact amount of substance needed for each test and safely deposits it into the reaction chamber. The ampoules are filled with the chemicals required to perform the test – no mixing, pouring, or measuring needed. A safe "mini-lab" is created in the advanced plastic design of the test, allowing for results in seconds. Maximum protection for the user is provided while breaking the glass ampoules, and the crushed glass does not enter the reaction chamber. Results are clearly visible, allowing for accuracy in identification.

Explosives Detection Master Kit (CK-EDK)

  • 1 ea. Sturdy black Kit Case
  • 4 ea. TNT/RDX, PETN/Nitrate Test Kits
  • 4 ea. Urea (Nitrate) Test Kits
  • 4 ea. Ammonium (Nitrate) Test Kits
  • 4 ea. TATP/HMTD Test Kits
  • 4 ea. Chlorate/Bromate Test Kits
  • 1 ea. Procedure Card