General Screening

General Screening
General Screening

IDenta’s Explosive Detection and Identification products offer a true breakthrough in field tests for explosive substances or trace residues. Safe, very easy-to-use, rugged and nonsensitive to extreme temperatures, the kits detect 99% of the explosives on the FBI Threat List and provides immediate, clear results when coming into contact with specific explosive substances. When used in combination with the AeroChamber, the user has the option of testing large areas, large surfaces, vehicles, luggage or persons, obtaining immediate, crucial results like never before.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy, fast and simple to use! No other tests are as straightforward.
  • Accurate and reliable at extreme temperatures.
  • Clear results in seconds.
  • Long shelf life (up to 3 years) with no storage restrictions.
  • Very safe. No contact with chemicals or substances. No inhalation of vapors, no protective gear needed.
  • Safe to dispose. Self-contained neutralization.
  • Very stable chemical kit.
  • Small and very rugged.
  • Available with both Swipe and Sniffer probes.
  • Cost effective