Office E-Lockers

Dasco Elocker

The perfect solution for employee lockers and flexible office storage.

As offices become more open with initiatives like the activity-based workplace, employees lose dedicated storage spaces at their desks. E-Lockers offer employees a secure storage space for when they have items to store like files, boots & purses.

E-Lockers are made with heavy-gauge steel bodies combined with an electronic access kiosk. Each kiosk manages up to 64 individual compartments in a single locker bank. The kiosk is programmable to meet your access requirements. It can also integrate with existing card systems so employees don’t need to manage another key or code.

The lockers can also be configured to send alerts, track usage and limit/extend storage duration. E-Locker bodies and doors are powder-coated in your choice of 12 colours. Contact a storage specialist to configure your next workplace storage solution.