VIDISCO Portable X-Ray


Vidisco provides innovative portable X-ray solutions for safe and accurate detection in demanding Security and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications. Founded in 1988, Vidisco pioneered the digital X-ray industry and today, continues to lead in developing, manufacturing and supporting a wide array of solutions. Thousands of Vidisco systems are deployed by top military, security and industrial organizations in 75 countries worldwide. They deliver fast, high-quality imaging in the most challenging environments.

Founded in 1988, Vidisco is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of portable X-ray inspection systems. With over 30 years of experience, the company is a pioneer in portable digital X-ray solutions with groundbreaking innovations certified to the highest standards for uncompromising safety and performance. Vidisco’s smart, compact, and lightweight systems are manufactured under the most stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures and are used by the top military, security, and industrial organizations in 75 countries around the world. Even in the most challenging environments and weather conditions, Vidisco’s portable X-ray solutions provide fast, high-quality images that save time at every phase of inspection. The company offers versatile and customized solutions to fit each of its customer’s unique and evolving needs. Vidisco’s solutions are used in a wide range of security and NDT applications, including bomb detection and disposal, VIP protection, detection of contraband, customs and forensics, universities, museums, shipyards, welding, electronics, aerospace, energy and power, oil and gas, laboratories, and many more.

Vidisco’s systems are particularly safe due to the ability to control the X-ray source from afar and due to the low dose required for a good image. Using film or CR technology is less safe due to the necessity to operate the X-ray source near the suspected object and the relatively higher dose required in order to receive a good image.

Valley Associates works with VIDISCO to provide the best portable X-Ray system the market has to offer – Guardian 17 X-Ray System.