Spirco™ – Smoke Hand Grenade

Spirco™ – Smoke Hand Grenade
Spirco™ – Smoke Hand Grenade

Rapid protection against a wide spectrum of enemy sensors and sights is one of the most important requirements in modern military missions. Being stopped by a barrier, crossing a street in urban combat or being threatened by snipers are examples of situations where spontaneous invisibility can substantially increase the survivability of individuals or groups of soldiers.
SPIRCO provides this rapid-reaction invisibility. In less than one second after burst the smoke hand grenade SPIRCO generates a smoke screen which is effective against visual sight and aiming equipment, night-vision devices, sensors operating in the near IR-spectrum and laser range finders.

Key characteristics

  • Interruption of line-of-sight in the visual, in the near infrared spectrum and in the laser spectral range
  • Rapid smoke screen in less than one second from burst
  • Screen duration about 30 seconds
  • Screen dimensions about 10m wide and 2.5m high