Explosive Breaching

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Using the most modern engineering and technology solutions, EBAD continues to be the industry leader in the development of reliable energetic solutions for aerospace and defense applications. Whether it’s launch vehicle flight termination systems or military breaching systems, our team brings an extensive wealth of experience in design, test and analysis. EBAD not only maintains a broad technical skill set utilizing the most up-to-date design, test and analysis tools, EBAD constantly investing in the very best training and development of our engineering personnel.

Solutions require innovation. In 1836, William Bickford’s invention of a superior initiator for mining explosives, safety fuse, heralded not only a safer era for miners, but the formation of the Ensign-Bickford (EBA&D) company. From this single but significant milestone, EBAD has developed global industry influence and extensive capabilities facilities in three locations; Graham, KY, Moorpark, CA and our headquarters in Simsbury, CT.

Ideas, insights and engineering breakthroughs have made us manufacturers of the most reliable, precise aerospace and defense energetic solutions available. Our history of providing high-reliability solutions to these markets is unequaled, as is our commitment to meeting cost, delivery, reliability, environmental, and performance requirements. No other company can match the range of innovative energetic solutions that we’ve manufactured; this breadth of energetics application and technology is the foundation on which our success—and yours—rests.

Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (EBA&D), headquartered in Simsbury, Connecticut (CT), is a global leader of precision energetics systems and innovative explosive and non-explosive solutions. Whether you are in need of a minefield breaching system, a specialized demolition kit or a requirement for system initiation or flight termination, our precision products and systems are Right for Your Mission!