Advance Cutting Explosives

Advance Cutting Explosives
Advance Cutting Explosives

ACE™ Advanced Cutting Explosive is an easy-to-use explosive cutting system with a flexible shaped charge liner and optimized standoff. The relative shock insensitivity of the explosive minimizes accidental or inadvertent detonation. Due to its consistent performance and properties, ACE™ Advanced Cutting Explosive fulfills a wide variety of uses in military breaching and demolition applications where precise cutting is required for breaching operations :
• Range of Coreload Sizes
• Optimized Explosive Geometry
• Advanced Composition
• Built-In Foam Stand-Off and Flexibility
• Adhesive System
• Enhanced Penetration and Severance

Consistent performance and properties make ACE™ Advanced Cutting Explosive the answer for a wide use of military and demanding demolition applications. Highly effective for specialized demolition work that requires precise cutting for breaching operations. With its variety of coreloads and ability to cut from 1/8” (3.2mm) to over 1.5” (38 mm) of steel, ACE™ Advanced Cutting Explosive can remove or neutralize most obstacles more effectively then competitive products.