Libervit Hydraulic Breaching

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Libervit is one of the world’s leading manufactures of hydraulic breaching equipment and carries one of the most extensive lines of hydraulic forced entry tools in the world.Libervit has a solid pedigree in the design and manufacture of premium quality hydraulic tools for more than 20 years. Their ISO certified manufacturing process is fully controlled from design to completion, which means this process includes rigorous testing before delivery for each tool.

Libervit breaching tools are organized into 4 specialty divisions; BlackLine for Police and Military equipment; Maritime for underwater search and rescue; OrangeLine for first response equipment and BlueLine for the nuclear industry. Through these divisions and their networks of distributors worldwide, Libervit has successfully delivered hydraulic breaching tools of all variants to special teams on all continents. Libervit works extensively with end-users to develop, design and manufacture equipment to meet their specific requirements. With expertise in the field of mechanics and hydraulics, Libervit has successfully proven that they are a leader in solution sets that get the job done.

For the automotive industry, Libervit has designed a series of hydraulic tools that ensure the destructive testing of welds. These tools in coordination with Libervit’s data acquisition system provide indisputable evidence of weld quality. Libervit maintains these high standards of quality control across all product lines. Libervit is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Corporation.