Libervit M3863 Cutters

Libervit M3863 Cutters
Libervit M3863 Cutters

The LIBERVIT underwater rescue set has been developed for underwater use (freshwater and seawater).

Libervit M3863 Cutter kit, cuts with a force of 400kN, and can cut through 0.9 inches of steel. The tools and power unit can also be used out of the water for rescue victims onboard a boat or land. The tools can be connected and disconnected while underwater.

M3863 underwater hydraulic cutter set INCLUDES :

  •  1 MBP40 hydraulic cutter,
  • 1 MSTAB float and additional loads
  • 1 VDT/MBP40 Pelicase transport case for the MBP40 cutter and the float
  • 1 MPower power unit with Mflex2 hydroelectric hose
  • 1 MCB/L battery charger
  • 1 VDT/MPower transport case for MPower power unit
  • 1 MPMK maintenance set