Door Opener HR7

Door Opener HR7
Door Opener HR7

Made for open wooden, metal or UPVC doors, single or multi-lock inward opening doors. The HR7 is placed horizontally on the door frame.

It is equipped with an exclusive telescopic rod system with a “extend” quick-lock and it can be adjusted in length to reduce installation time in front of the door.

The average time required for the installation and breaching of an averagely resistant door, equipped with three lock points, is less than 30 seconds. Once the door has been breached and the release switch has been activated, the tool can be immediately removed from the door.

All control switches are on the tool itself, which means that not only the installation of the horizontal cylinder can be carried out by one person, but also the activation of the HR7.

To open double swing doors, an extension is provided that is easily fitted in a few seconds. The extension fits both sides.

To ensure complete operator safety in any high-risk situation (Backdraft, etc..) once the Door Raider light is implemented it can be remotely actioned via a radio-control. The controls can operate in radio control mode at an average distance of 30 m - 98 ft, or in wired mode, at a distance of 5 m - 16 ft, the power cable is common to the 2 remote controls, the remotes are linked to the GHP hydraulic power unit.

Once the Door is opened and the unlocking push button activated, the tool can be immediately removed.