Genasys Loud Hailing Systems

LRAD’s highly intelligible, long-range voice and warning siren broadcasts establish large safety zones, determine intent, safely change behaviour, resolve uncertain situations and save lives on both sides of the Long Range Acoustic Device®. LRAD ONE VOICE® Mass Notification systems deploy rapidly, operate remotely or on-site, and feature continuous broadcast longevity independent of external power and communications infrastructure.

Unlike bullhorns, vehicle P.A. systems and conventional loudspeakers that disperse sound in all directions, LRAD’s proprietary audio technology focuses sound in a 15° – 30° beam in front of its Long Range Acoustic Devices, while significantly reducing audio levels behind the devices and in surrounding areas. LRAD broadcasts are safely optimized to the primary human hearing range of 1 – 5 kHz to generate voice messages that are clearly heard and understood from close range to over 5,500 meters.

Genasys LRAD systems broadcast live or recorded voice messages with exceptional clarity in any operational scenario. LRAD’s advanced driver and waveguide technology ensures every voice and warning siren broadcast cuts through crowd, engine, and background noise, and is clearly heard and understood, even inside buildings and vehicles.

In uncertain or escalated public safety situations, LRAD fills the critical gap between the limited range and poor intelligibility of bullhorns and vehicle P.A. systems, and kinetic measures including tear gas projectiles, rubber bullets, pepper balls, Tasers, and flash bang grenades. LRAD is not a weapon; LRAD is a highly intelligible long-range communication system and a safer alternative to kinetic force.