BallisticBoard Backpack Inserts

Backpack Inserts

BallisticBoard®, made with Duritium® technology, is an ultra light, ultra thin ballistic material that is developed and manufactured in the USA to withstand multiple shot impacts from handgun and rifle fire. The BallisticBoard insert (soft and rigid) and clipboard are perfect for placing in a backpack, computer bag, luggage, or purse to turn it into instant ballistic protection. Tested by NIJ accredited laboratories to exceed national industry standards, BallisticBoard is your answer to safety, security, and the confidence that you or your loved one is protected.

  • BallisticBoard® Level IIIA – Soft Insert
    (Hand Gun Protection)
  • BallisticBoard® Level IIIA – Rigid Insert
    (Hand Gun Protection)
  • BallisticBoard® Level III – Rigid Insert
    (High-Powered Rifle Protection)
  • BallisticBoard® Level IIIA – Clipboard
    (Hand Gun Protection)