Custom Ballistic Panels

Custom Panels
Custom Panels

BallisticBoard® Made with Duritium® Technology from ShotStop Ballistics

So, you’re looking for a material that protects against potential threats somewhere between handguns and armor-piercing ammunition but doesn’t weigh 15-20 pounds per square feet. And, it would be great if it were actually thin enough to be relatively unnoticeable. Maybe you need a strong, rigid solution; or maybe a more flexible material would suit your application better. And, to top it off, your budget isn’t unlimited, so you would love to find something that won’t totally break the bank.

BallisticBoard® has flipped the world of custom ballistic materials on its head. Using its patented Duritium® technology, BallisticBoard offers a variety of custom bulletproof solutions ranging from 0.125” (1/8”) thick rigid panels that effectively stop all handguns to a material that’s about half an inch thick, stops multiple rounds from armor piercing ammo, and weighs around 2 lbs. per square foot.
Whether you have an existing product and are looking to improve your margins and/or lessen its weight or thickness, or you are considering developing a new product or extension of an existing line, BallisticBoard may be the solution you’ve been struggling to find.