PROTX Animal Deterrent

Animal Deterrent Marker
Animal Deterrent Marker

PROTX™ Animal Deterrent
Wild animals are not just a rural problem anymore as metropolitan areas have seen an increase of activity in unfearing scavengers such as coyotes, racoons, foxes and even wolves. We at PROTX™ have made it a priority to provide solutions to these new urban problems, as well as existing rural concerns by providing individuals with a less-lethal option for dealing with a dangerous animal encounter in all situations.

Whether you are a delivery driver confronting an aggressive dog, a hiker encountering a predator on the trail or a home owner who sees a bear rummaging through your garbage; the PROTX™ TPR™ pistol and TCR™ launcher are the less-lethal solutions
for you.

Mission™ PROTX™ launchers designed to deliver an incapacitating agent directly to an aggressive animal by bursting on impact to create a 5-foot defensive cloud of chemical irritant. This enables even the least proficient users to target the ground or an area in front of an attacking animal, while still effectively neutralizing the target.