Life Station

LIfe Station
LIfe Station

The improved Chinook LIFE™ Station Basic contains the fully kitted LIFE™ Pack Basic, providing public access to critical lifesaving medical supplies during public health emergencies. The improved LIFE™ Station is 9 inches deep and can be mounted to a wall or recessed using the optional flange. When recessed, a Chinook LIFE Station meets ADA standards.

The Basic version of the LIFE™ Station includes five individual vacuum-sealed Basic LIFE™ Kits and one casualty extraction litter housed in the LIFE™ Pack. The Basic LIFE™ Kits are easily accessed through the unique dispensing system on the front of the LIFE™ Pack; simply open the LIFE™ Station door and pull out one, two or more LIFE™ Kits, or grab the entire LIFE™ Pack out of the Station for a mobile kit.

The improved Chinook LIFE™ Station container is a surface-mounted storage cabinet that has the ability to be recessed into a wall to be located in publicly accessible areas, much like AEDs inside schools, offices, and other buildings. The improved Chinook LIFE™ Station is similar to traditional AED cabinets, but specifically designed to house our Chinook LIFE™ Pack. The Chinook LIFE™ Station also incorporates a security staple for tamper-evident tag attachment.

Please note that the flange is sold separately and neither the station nor the flange comes with wall-mounting hardware.


(1) Chinook LIFE™ Pack
(1) Disposable Go Stretcher, 500 lb load capacity, 35" x 71"
(5) Chinook LIFE™ Kit Basic, each contains:

(1) Fold-out Product Instructions

(2)  Pair Nitrile Gloves (Latex Free)

(1)  Emergency Scissors

(1)  Tourniquet (SWAT-T®, CAT®, SOF®, SAM XT® or RMT®)

(1)  Compressed Gauze, 4.5" x 4.1 yd

(1)  Trauma Bandage, 6"

(1)  Emergency Survival Blanket

(1)  Permanent Marker