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PRE Labs is one of North America’s most trusted manufacturers of innovative body armour solutions. 

The PRE Labs carrier products that leave our state-of-the-art facility incorporate new materials, technologies and fitting methods to offer the ultimate in everyday comfort. We are proud to offer a comprehensive and growing and line of body armour products, including concealable, external and tactical carriers, soft armour panels, hard armour panels, active shooter kits, a multitude of pouches, accessories and more.

PRE Labs grew out of a desire to create survivability products that would better serve users in every way: better fit, better comfort, better protection. To do that PRE Labs harness the expertise and experience of former law enforcement, military and armour manufacturing professionals as well as top scientists and engineers in the fields of polymer chemistry, materials research and armour solutions engineering. Together, our senior management team has more than 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing body armour systems.

Always innovating and with your safety in mind, we’re at the leading edge of developing armour technologies that can alert you when moisture or other potentially destructive elements have compromised your ballistic panels.

Defense and law enforcement organizations know they can trust our protective armour—certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)—but they also choose PRE Labs because of our commitment to customer service. When you reach out to PRE Labs, our qualified team is quick to offer support and answer your questions as you seek out the best armour protection for your organization.

PRE Labs Partners with Valley Associates Global Security Corporation for the Distribution of it’s Protective Armour Systems and Accessories in Ontario and Quebec. 

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