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Advanced X-Ray threat detection

Valley Associates has developed a course designed specifically for increasing an experienced operators capabilities for threat detection. This is an upgrade over the standard safety code 29 course ,which is intended for new operators to assist them with the understanding of safety considerations, X-Ray operation, and a general idea of possible threats. Our Advanced Threat Detection course is intended to help strengthen detection abilities, and learn to use all of the X-Ray system features to the maximum limit. This training course is tailored to provide as close to 1 on 1 training as possible, with a much wider variety of training aids, with special concentration on threats that we find are becoming more common place.

  1. The group limit is 2/3 people so the hands on training and personal attention regarding questions enough to ensure that the people have learned the material, this also allows each person to see each of the training aids for the first time, so they do not know what to expect which allows us to gauge responses and training level more accurately. Each session will be a half day long, with lunch separating the two sessions.

  2. The training covers threat detection, and item identification. This concentrates on training to spot dangerous items, devices, and powders as they are being processed through the machine, as well as ensuring the operator is fully familiar with all of the functions and capabilities of the X-Ray Baggage Scanner they are operating on.

  3. Procedural training will be provided, as there are methods in addition to using the baggage X-Ray Scanner to identify a threat, there are often visual markers, and occasionally these are just as reliable at detecting a potential threat as using the unit itself.

  4. Certificates for completion of X-Ray Threat Detection course will be provided by the end of training for all people being trained.

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