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BallisticBoard® has flipped the world of custom ballistic materials on its head. Using its patented Duritium® technology, BallisticBoard offers a variety of custom bulletproof solutions ranging from 0.125” (1/8”) thick rigid panels that effectively stop all handguns to a material that’s about half an inch thick, stops multiple rounds from armor piercing ammo, and weighs around 2 lbs. per square foot.


Ballistic Protection for Your Custom Application

Manufactured 100% in the United States by ShotStop® Ballistics, BallisticBoard has the flexibility and capability to fulfill a custom bulletproof solution to your specific product or circumstance…

  • Retail – Convenient Stores, Pawn Shops, Jewelry Stores

  • Fashion – Backpacks, Purses, Computer Bags, Clothing

  • Education – Desks, Doors, Bookshelves

  • Military – Armored Vehicles, Shooting Ranges, Buildings

  • Law Enforcement – Vehicle Door Panels, Ballistic Clipboards

  • Commercial – Banks, Airports, Data Storage Facilities

  • Government – Courtrooms, Public Buildings

  • Transportation/Utilities – Shipping Containers, Utility Pipes/Lines/Towers

  • Residential – Safe Rooms, Stand-Alone Panels

  • Construction – Internal and External Walls, Roofing

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