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COMET - Compact Over-the-Horizon Transportable Terminal

The Comtech COMET™ is the smallest and lightest modular man-packable troposcatter system available. With an operational configuration weighing only 50 lbs, this full-featured troposcatter system can be airline checked, automobile transported, and carried into the field. Designed for 60 km BLOS links at data rates of 5 to 60 Mbps, the Comtech COMET™ can be set up by one person in as little as 15 minutes (demonstration video below).

The heart of the Comtech COMET™ is the CS67PLUS troposcatter radio, which can operate in single-stream from 946 kbps to 105 Mbps or dual-stream from 1.9 Mbps to 210 Mbps (actual throughput based on terrain). Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) can optimize average throughput over time.

The feature-rich Comtech COMET™ can easily be linked with other Comtech tactical, mobile, and fixed terminals to provide the ideal Beyond Line-of-Sight troposcatter system for tactical Military, Disaster Recovery, and Emergency Restoral Communications anywhere in the world. Each system consists of the CS67PLUS radio as well as 10 watt SSPAs, LNAs, and diplexers all mounted to the 1 m antenna.

RECON VSAT Family of Systems (FoS)

The Comtech RECON VSAT provides a modernized COTS solution for sustainment, medical, and administrative data exchange in support of Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). It can be set up by one person in 5 minutes and operating in-network in under 15 minutes.

RECON proprietary bayonet transceiver attachment allows for <30sec RF component transition while maintaining antenna alignment to satellite. This allows for rapid failure resolution and extended link reliability.

RECON FoS includes ACQ Fast – Comtech’s embedded software that allows for expedient acquisition with minimal terminal experience. ACQ Fast also includes embedded spectrum monitoring capability for modem agnostic Satellite acquisition.

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