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Frontline training Close Protection Training Unite (CPTU)

Effective Close Protection for your client requires considerable skill, knowledge, and preparedness. Your detail demands it, and deserves it. For those seeking superlative training and preparation for a career in CP and VIP protection, look no further. At Frontline Training, you receive real-world training from CP instructors experienced in the field. Our courses encompass the elements the CP Operative will require in the work environment. From introductory to advanced, Frontline Training will prepare you like no other. CP training levels:

Level 1

Introduction to Close Protection, VIP Protection, Bodyguarding For those interested in taking their security to the next level. This course will acquaint you with the Close Protection Industry to help you determine your path.

Level 2

Advanced Close Protection Operative Training This course encompasses all the necessary elements required to conduct close protection duties, from advance work, to defensive tactics.

Level 3

Elite High-Risk Operative Training For operatives seeking employment in active combat zones or other areas deemed high-risk.

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