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IEC Infrared Systems (IEC) specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of thermal and infrared imaging surveillance systems for the defense industry.

We have established a reputation as an industry leader in imaging systems, non-imaging sensors, and supporting subsystems.

IEC’s products can detect, identify, and react to potential threats with optimal precision and accuracy, making them an ideal choice for a range of defense requirements.

Our experienced in-house mechanical, electrical, and software professionals are capable of designing state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras and infrared equipment for even the most demanding of client requirements.


IEC's Banshee system is a mid to long-range, radar-guided camera and threat mitigation system that lets friendly forces monitor very large areas for intruders or enemy forces. The mid or long-range radars give wide area detection of people or vehicles over a 360 degree area at ranges from 500m to 12km for people, and 1500m to 20 km for vehicles. When a target is found, a long-range thermal/visual camera can be precisely guided to the garget, allowing the operator to look at the target in day or night conditions, to determine if the target is a threat. The system provides an accurate location of the target, and can detect many targets at the same time. If the target is a threat the operator can engage several levels of non-lethal mitigation devices to deter and mitigate the threat.

The Banshee system can be mounted on a trailer-mounted tower so it can be easily moved, or it can be mounted on a permanent location. The system is easy to use, and uses software that can communicate with other DoD systems if needed. Banshee is ready for use right now and needs no development, but other sensors or systems can be added to it if needed.


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