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    Reverse Osmosis water purifying system supplies up to 1,500 gallons per day (50 to 60 Gallons an hour) of highly purified water from any contaminated fresh to brackish water source. Powered by any form of single phase AC, or, because of the highly efficient Aspen pumping system, will operate from 24 volt DC power directly from a military vehicle or even a small solar array.

    The ASPEN 1500RO is a lightweight, highly mobile, completely self-contained water purification system with war fighter ready technology. The easiest to deploy, maintain, and monitor of any Military Reverse Osmosis purification system in existence. The Aspen 1500RO includes robust pre-filtration and a redundant purification system (Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Violet Sterilization) providing the safest drinking water possible in all conditions

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