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D100 Mobile Disposal System

D100 Mobile Disposal System


    The Dynasafe D100 is for use by law enforcement, the military and industry. The system can safely dispose of energetic materials and toxic substances. The D100 heats the material to be treated to its
    initiation temperature, which results in deflagration or burning.


    • Dynasafe explosive containment technology
    • Multi-stage filtration system (off-gas treatment system)
    • Recycling capability
    • Compact and mobile - occupies less than meters

    The D100 is ideal for:

    • Law enforcement and the military - ecofriendly solutionto the open burning of ammunitions, fireworks and narcotics.
    • Aerospace and car industry - reduces the cost of subcontracting for the disposal of waste energetic materials that are used in the manufacturing of satellites or cars.
    • Laboratory - reduces the risks associated with the storage and transportation of unstable energetic, chemical and toxic materials.
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