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    • The DE-tector flex is a trace explosive and narcotics detection instrument.


    • Sample Collector Strips are used to swab a sample from a surface and are then inserted into the DE-tector flex for analysis.


    • The DE-tector flex operates on the principle of Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS).

    A non-radioactive source is used for sample ionization utilising photoionisation lamps. The DE-tector flex contains a one tube IMS therefore positive and negative productions are identified simultaneously. The DE-tector flex Control software is accessed using an integrated touchscreen and comprehensive easy to operate user and administrator command and menu functions. An integrated thermal printer supports black and white report printouts. Different substance libraries facilitate individual adaption to the trace detection task. The integrated data logger provides all analytical results.

    Consumables and Maintenance
    The replacement of consumables (e.g. Battery Pack, Dust Filter Pad, and Thermal Paper) is a simple operator task.

    No preventive maintenance is required

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