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    Designed to conceal rifle velocity protective plates in high threat environments, the Deceptor will discretely hold a pair of special threat plates and two 6” X 6” Rifle Side Plates. Pockets from the Ragnar Series can be quickly attached to the front or the back of the carrier as well. The Deceptor shines with SAPI cut plates in the 2.2 to 4.5 pound medium-sized weight range which are .5” or thinner. For larger, thicker, or heavier plates, you need to consider another capability. This carrier comes with stretch and non-stretch shoulder straps to accommodate user comfort preference.


    FirstSpear has a range of soft armor inserts cut in plate shapes as well as our UC Special Threat Plate that will fit the Deceptor. These plates comply with NIJ Category IIIA.06 or specific Military Specification requirements. Additionally, the soft armor cummerbund of the popular NOC will fit onto this carrier. Soft armor and UC Special Threat Plates restricted to GOVT, Military, and Law Enforcement Only.

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