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    The DOOR-RAIDER light opens heavy-armoured, inward-opening, multi-locks doors or outward-opening metal doors when equipped with the optionT. Silent, quick and easy to use, a heavy-armoured door can be opened in less than 20 seconds.

    3 jack’s extensions complete the pack. These accessories are to be used for difficult access areas such as one or more steps in front of a door. The upper arm is equipped with a manually removable plate. There are several different types of plates available on option.
    The opening of doors is done progressively, without impact and in optimal silence whichever mode chosen: remote controlled or by actioning the control switch on the tool. Rubber stoppers, placed at strategic points along the tool reduce the noise risk during transportation and whilst operating.

    The GHP hydraulic power unit, part of the DOOR-RAIDER light breaching kit is powered by a 12 V battery. This battery gives approximately 45 minutes of tool action which means that a great number of doors can be breached before battery recharging is necessary.

    Once installed on the door, in a high risk situation, the DOOR-RAIDER light can be remotely controlled by any of the remotes. The remotes control have a radio range of 30 m / 99 ft, and a wired 5 m range. The power cable is the same for both remote control.

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