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DynaROVR System

DynaROVR System


    The ROVR is the new generation of unmanned ground vehicle, designed to defuse or disarm large Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). It is equipped with a fork lift to remove obstacles from its
    path and a telescopic arm that can pick-up explosive devices and deposit them safely into a Total Containment Vessel (TCV) for a controlled detonation.


    • Wireless operation up to 1000 meters (1093 yards) away
    •  Command center
    • Trailer
    • Telescopic arm rated at 2 100 kg (4629 lbs.) of lift
    • Equipped with an oil quick coupler device
    • Fork Lift can lift up to 6000 kg (13,227 lbs.)
    • Front and back stabilizers
    • 17 camera CCTV system

    The DynaROVR difference

    • The forklift can be utilized to remove obstacles from the road or pick-up a Vehicle-Borne Improvised
    • Explosive Device (VBIED).
    • The ROVR, with its 17 camera system, is an ideal reconnaissance tool for SWAT teams.
    • The telescopic arm can tear down barricades or create an opening through a wall for SWAT teams to neutralize a barricaded suspect.
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