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DynaSEALR X Series

DynaSEALR X Series


    The DynaSEALR X series is designed to store and transport Unexploded ordnance (UXO), chemical and conventional munitions. As well as a research chamber for the examination of potentially explosive reactions, reaction kinetics and spectroscopy. DynaSEALR X series chamber’s advanced mitigation solutions help protect people, property, and the environment from fragmentation debris and hazardous gases that result from controlled detonations and explosions.


    • Explosive rated capacity of up to 24 kg of TNT
    • Compatible with most portable digital X-ray systems
    • Wired two button remote control for easy door operation
    • One person manual back-up system
    • CBRNE pneumatic sealing system

    The DynaSEALR X is ideal for:

    •  Military, store and transport chemical and conventional munitions
    • Laboratories, transport and store hazardous explosives materials.
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