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Frontline 300 Chemical/FR Protection

Frontline 300 Chemical/FR Protection


    Frontline® 300 is ideal for petro-chemical line break situations. This innovative garment was developed with detailed input from petrochemical Safety Officers. It offers excellent radiant heat protection. And with comparable protection to Kappler's Zytron® 300 chemical apparel, Frontline 300 provides excellent holdout for the most common petrochemical hazards.

    The ensemble garment design with hood, jacket and bib pants provides excellent flexibility. The hood and jacket can be removed when not in the hot zone, thereby allowing the individual to ventilate. As with all Kappler apparel, this ensemble is a multi-use, single exposure garment.


    • Three-way protection for chemical, flash-fire and radiant heat.
    • Ideal for petrochemical line break operations – developed with input from petrochemical safety officers.
    • Proven with demanding Pyroman Thermal Manikin testing.
    • Coverall and ensemble styles offer flexibility for a wide variety of work situations.
    • Reinforced knee area for added confidence and work flexibility.
    • Typical Applications: Petrochemical operations, line maintenance, tank cleaning, refueling situations.
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