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PROBOT (Professional Robot)

PROBOT (Professional Robot)


    The PROBOT® (Professional Robot) is a robust and versatile platform designed for indoor and outdoor operations. Its unique abilities include carrying heavy payloads while maintaining high speeds, sound maneuverability over various obstacles and terrain, and performing semi-autonomous missions. It is extremely versatile and can carry up to 1500 lb /700 Kg, climb stairs and maneuver directly to a point of interest - even in confined areas - enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of small ground forces. The PROBOT can be teleoperated, follow the leader or use GPS waypoint navigation.


    • The only indoor and outdoor tactical logistics platformfor all terrain with the ablility to carry165 lb/750Kg.
    • Able to adapt to any mission with different payloads– Special Operations missions, Public Safety or Logistics
    • Increases effectiveness of small ground units with unique tracing and imaging sensors, closing the operator-to-mission loop
    • Vehicle transportable
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