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Sound & Flash Grenade

Sound & Flash Grenade


    Rheinmetall (NICO) Sound and Flash Grenades have been redesigned to enhance their functionality. The side venting, 1 Bang, 2 Bang and 9 Bang grenades will no longer be manufactured but replaced by the new 1 Bang VANGUARD, 2 Bang BTV-EL and 9 Bang BTV-EL Sound & Flash grenades. These new Sound & Flash Grenades have a highly reliable functionality and very precise delay times. The new design is now based on Bottom Top Venting (BTV) System as well as an Extended Length (EL) body. This ensures a superior hand safety and reduces the risk for the user during grenade functioning. Due to the elimination of the side venting system, no venting holes are covered when the grenade is lying directly on the ground or other flat surface.

    Eliminating the side vents – combined with the pressure balance generated by the 2 venting directions leads to a reduced movement of the grenade after it functions. This increases the safety for the user and ensures a defined area of engagement. Another feature is the improved exceptional water tightness of up to 20 m / 2 bar. The performance of the new version matches the side venting accept the location of the venting holes and the device is 20mm longer which safer for the hand of the operator. As the pervious design, the new design is built to Military Specifications.

    There are no changes to Effect Charge for Training as well as the training body at this time.

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