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Valley Associates has been involved in X-Ray training for over 10 years, and we have a lot of experience in training, and use of different types of machines. We have done training and maintenance on Astrophysics, Smiths, Voti, Rapiscan as well as AS&E all over Canada. Our course puts a lot of emphasis on item identification, safety considerations, as well as threat detection.

Our course takes just under a full working day to deliver. The first 3-4 hours are a presentation on Safety Code 29, Safe Operating Procedures, Image analysis and Threat detection, with a review test at the end of the session. After a break for lunch, the last 3 hours will be hands on operation of the X-Ray, which will include using the controls, threat detection, and good operating habits. We have a number of training items which simulate explosives and weapons that we use to help teach the attendees.

XR3D-60 Voti_edited.png
  1. The group limit is 8 people so the hands on training and personal attention regarding questions enough to ensure that the people have learned the material.

  2. The training covers all the items required by Health Canada, especially Safety code 29, which is the responsibilities of the Employer as well as the Employee to ensure safe operation of X-ray emitting devices.

  3. We have a strong emphasis on all safety considerations, not limited to just radiation exposure, but also best practices, and mechanical/electrical safety concerns,

  4. Certificates for completion of X-Ray course will be provided by the end of training for all people being trained.

  5. All training covers weapon and explosive detection, with emphasis on the threats operators are most likely to encounter.

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