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MILKOR grew into a steadfast manufacturer and supplier after its initial success with the MGL as the weapon has been adopted by military and law enforcement in over 67 countries world-wide. With the continuous development and innovation, MILKOR has developed a range of 40mm weapons such as: Mk1S, MK1L, UBGL, Stopper Convertible, Super Six MRGL (Multiple Range Grenade Launcher), MAR (Multiple Anti-Riot).

Due the industry continuously revolving and changing, MILKOR underwent rejuvenation in 2015 and decided to start pursuing greater challenges and as such invested towards becoming a turnkey defence supplier. MILKOR’s capabilities now range from defence solutions in AIR, LAND and SEA with the capability of individual customization and design according to clients need and requirements.


The constant drive for innovation has led MILKOR to establish branches in India, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi-Arabia with two regional offices in South Africa, allowing MILKOR to provide superior products and services globally. 

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